Series 300 Deep Stormwater Pit

Product Code: 002032

  • Super-strong light-weight base made from structurally foamed polypropylene
  • Solid cast aluminium lid also available for installation under ground
  • Templates tattooed on base for connection to stormwater pipes
  • Colour of base - black
  • Aluminum flush grates available in plain aluminium and aluminium colours - sandstone, heritage green, terracotta, class A galvanised, plain solid aluminium lid and Class C Ductile iron.
  • Class A Galvanised Grate, which, with proper installation, supports weight of domestic vehicular traffic.
  • Riser available


  • Width: 345mm x 345mm
  • Height (with grate): 450mm
  • Height of riser: 260mm
  • Capacity: 32L

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